Understanding Risks

Asthma and Recreational Drug Use

People with asthma tend to fall into the same bad habits that others will from time to time, despite the heightened dangers that are involved with them given their condition. While no one should abuse recreational drugs for a plethora of reasons, it's particularly dangerous for those who have asthma.

Below is a brief look at the issue of asthma and recreational drug use, and if you find yourself using something you shouldn't, you need to get help as soon as possible to wean yourself off of them. You need to protect yourself from the potential harms that can arise if you continue to consume harmful substances.


The Overall Issue

One could search for only a few seconds online and find reams of research, studies and statistics that indicate a sharp rise in the use of recreational drugs in the United States, particularly in those under the age of 18. This is a troubling trend, especially when coupled with the statistical tracking of young people who are diagnosed with asthma.

The rate of diagnoses for asthma in the United States has more than doubled in the past 20 years, which only means that it's likely that more young people who are diagnosed with asthma will cross paths with the rising recreational drug culture. This presents an entire series of dangers, almost regardless of the type of drug someone uses. Below is a brief list of certain recreational drugs and the potential harm they cause:

  1. Cocaine – Cocaine can clog the nasal passages and thereby create an enormous problem during an attack given that the airways are already constricted.
  2. Heroin – Heroin can also lead to a narrowing of the blood vessels, and this can lead to similar problems arising in the lungs.
  3. Marijuana – Smoking marijuana means that someone is inhaling smoke. Even though the presence of carcinogens in marijuana smoke remains an open debate, use of marijuana by someone with asthma will lead to a premature decline in overall lung and respiratory functions.
  4. Tobacco – Smoking tobacco products generally leads to the same result as smoking marijuana, except for the fact that several known allergens exist in tobacco smoke, creating even more danger for someone with asthma.

As you see, it really doesn't matter what sort of drug someone with asthma uses. All of them create danger for the user, and the only difference is what sort of danger arises. If you find yourself using recreational drugs while fighting asthma, get help immediately to put this part of your life behind you.