Understanding Asthma

Asthma Research

The key to managing and ultimately curing any disease is research. Medical researchers around the world have learned how to not only treat, but also to prevent and even eliminate certain diseases over time. The efforts surrounding asthma are no different. There are groups and government-sponsored efforts all over the world currently in place, all of which are designed to help those who suffer from this disease.


Already, the fruits of this labor are quite tangible in nature. Gone are the days when asthma sufferers must live in constant fear of attacks that used to be potentially deadly in nature. These days, everyone from doctors to teachers to world-famous athletes deal successfully with this disease every day. Below is a brief look at some of the work that's being done to continue the fight against asthma.

Asthma Risks Research

Hundreds of studies have either already been performed or are now in progress that deal with the question of risk factors and asthma. At this point, these studies have provided both the medical community and asthma sufferers a long list of factors that could heighten the risk of asthma developing in someone's system. For instance, genetics has clearly been proven to be an enormous factor, as has the exposure to certain materials and even the levels of stress and anxiety a person experiences.

Asthma Medication Research

Asthma medication continues to advance itself almost by the day. What used to be nothing more than an inhaler as an alternative to managing the disease has transformed and expanded into pill-form medications, surgeries for severe cases and even alternative medications that some feel are quite effective in helping to treat the disease.

Asthma Management Research

While many studies of asthma center on the prevention and cure of the disease, that does not mean that millions of dollars are not spent on helping those who already suffer from the disease manage it properly. The information already obtained has allowed millions of people to live more active and healthy lives simply by following certain steps that either prevent attacks or minimize their severity.

Asthma Cure Research

Even though this is perhaps the most highly–funded aspect of asthma research, it's also seen by many as the form of research that's furthest from a solution. Given the complicated nature of the disease, it's proven somewhat difficult to identify where to start with stamping this disease out once and for all. However, the research continues, and given the successes already recorded, it's far from impossible to consider a day when asthma is a permanent fixture of the past.