Understanding Risks

Dangers to Avoid with Asthma

Asthma is a condition that grips millions of people in the United States, but the medical science industry has learned much about the disease in recent years. This advancement has allowed doctors around the country to be able to provide more accurate advice to patients in terms of how to manage asthma successfully such that the numbers of attacks are minimized.

While there is no sure–fire way to avoid the onset of asthma attacks altogether, there are a few guidelines that have been discovered that should help you avoid the stress that comes with an attack. Below are some examples of dangers to avoid with asthma.


Urban Environmental Pollutants

Our cities are densely crowded, and our larger cities burn a lot of fuel and other materials to keep the transportation system running and the power grid operational. As such, there are millions of pollutants that enter the atmosphere every day – smog, exhaust from vehicles and other materials that tend to be found in urban areas.


While it should be overly obvious to anyone with asthma that smoking is not a good idea, the danger associated with cigarette smoke also extends to secondhand smoke. While restaurants and bars across the country are banning smoking in droves, you should still be wary of spending too much time around someone who is smoking, as the chemicals in this substance are clearly an irritant to someone with asthma.


In many places of work, chemicals are present in the air at any time. For instance, even hairdressers fill their atmosphere with sprays and the like, and farms can also be filled with pesticides and the like. Many of these substances will at least indirectly cause an asthma attack if they're ingested at high levels for too long a duration.


When someone is obese, it puts an enormous strain on the respiratory system, as there is simply more ground to cover in terms of circulating oxygen throughout the body with every breath. When someone with asthma has to work hard to breathe, that only irritates the lung tissue and creates a situation where an attack can occur. If you find yourself overweight, talk to you doctor about how you can safely lose it, as it'll only help your breathing and help control your asthma in the long haul.

As you see, there are some dangers associated with asthma that should be avoided if possible. Clearly, more potential dangers could be uncovered in the future, but all you can do is learn as much as possible about what to avoid in hopes that the regularity of your attacks will be minimized.