Symptoms & Diagnosis

Early Discovery of Asthma

Asthma is a disease that affects everyone who has it for their entire lives. Most studies have shown that people will be diagnosed with asthma at almost any age, and many factors will go into when someone is diagnosed. It is possible for someone to develop asthma late in life, but in other cases, the patient has had asthma since an early age but never been diagnosed for whatever reason.


One thing that's sure is that the earlier asthma is discovered, the better the chances are for the patient to live a long, happy and normal life. Below are a few reasons why this is true, and if you are wondering if you have asthma, don't hesitate – get yourself checked out to make sure.

  1. Dangers avoided – An asthma attack can be deadly if it's severe enough and the patient does not receive immediate treatment. This danger is only heightened if someone has an attack but does not even realize that he or she has asthma, as that person will likely not have any medication available to help stave off the attack when it happens. The longer an attack prevents a person from breathing, the more likely that long-term damage will be done.
  2. Medications started early – When asthma is diagnosed, the patient almost always begins a regular protocol of medication that will help him or her manage the disease. These medications are becoming more advanced and effective all the time, and preventative asthma care is becoming more prevalent as the medical science community continues to advance.
  3. Harmful triggers avoided – If a person does not know that he or she has asthma, then that person will likely not avoid the known dangers associated with the disease. These dangers include certain hazardous materials, cigarette smoke and rigorous exercise, particularly when the weather is cold.
  4. Knowledge – Studies have shown that people with asthma tend to know more about the disease both in general and about their particular condition than most others. Knowledge of any disease is always helpful, and those who do not understand what's wrong with them will not necessarily hone in on the study of the disease that's affecting them every day.

Overall, an early diagnosis of any disease is advantageous, and in some cases it can save lives. If you find yourself having trouble breathing regularly and do not understand why, you owe it to yourself to find out more about your condition. Contact your doctor today to schedule a full evaluation.