Online Asthma Resources

As the world moves progressively more towards the Internet for more of their everyday needs, the same phenomenon seems to be unfolding with medical science and information for which people tend to search. In regards to asthma, more and more resources are becoming available for those who are looking for simple answers or for help from professionals when their needs are more complex.

As the fight against asthma continues to move forward at a fast pace, you'll see below just a few examples of the types of resources that are available online for anyone with an Internet connection. is a medical portal that offers information for all sorts of diseases and conditions. Its information is vast, easy to find and tends to center on the simple and quick fixes that asthma patients sometimes need. The site also features regularly updated articles that speak to different asthma issues. is a more comprehensive Web site dedicated to an interactive audience that's searching for a deeper level of knowledge of asthma and related conditions. Specifically, the site offers an online 'test' that's geared towards helping asthma patients gain an understanding of how they're doing with the management of their condition and what they can do to improve their everyday strategies to keep it under control.

Allergy and Asthma Network/Mothers of Asthmatics

The AANMA offers a Web site that provides several different channels for its visitors. Among its sections, the AANMA offers the latest news, links and information for support groups, shared stories from mothers of asthmatics and strategies for building an environment that's designed to minimize the effect that asthma has in the home.

Asthma in America

Asthma in America is more scientific in nature, and the Web site provides one central location for people to visit and to obtain the latest information regarding new studies that have been completed in regards to different asthma issues. is one of the best known and most highly regarded medical Web sites in the world. The informational portal offers visitors an entire asthma section that offers information regarding medications, management strategies and resources for those who are suffering from the disease to get in touch with professionals who may be able to help them fight the disease with new and innovative treatments.

Obviously, the list above is far from exhaustive. However, as the fight against this disease continues to move forward, more people online will be armed with relevant information that will only provide everyone with more ammunition to help overcome asthma someday.