Treatment Plans

Protecting Yourself against Asthma Attacks

As the medical community continues to learn more and more about asthma, many different components of the disease have become much more manageable as more information is obtained. This has allowed asthma patients to live tremendously successful lives, some with almost no limitations, all while the ongoing fight against asthma continues towards the ultimate goal of prevention and/or cure.

One of the components of the learning accomplished by the medical research community concerns how an asthma patient can protect him or herself against asthma attacks. There are different ways to help work towards this individual goal, and a few examples of successful strategies appear below.

  1. Regular Check–Ups
    First and foremost, you'll need the help of the medical community on an ongoing basis to make sure that your body is handling the asthma well. You never know what symptoms could trigger something negative on your own, so keeping a regular schedule with your doctor will provide you not only with the knowledge, but the reassurance you need.
  2. Keep Your Medications Handy
    The biggest cause of death from asthma attacks occur when the patient does not have his or her medications available. Make this your top priority, and never assume that you'll 'be fine until you get home.'
  3. Avoid Triggering Substances
    Everyone has a different specific list of substances that tend to trigger asthma attacks. As you continue to learn what comprises your list, make sure you take every step possible to avoid exposure to them.
  4. Exercise and Other Stress
    Asthma patients do not have to live a sedentary lifestyle by any means. In fact, some in the medical world believe that doing so only tends to exacerbate the underlying condition. However, if you are extremely active, do not ignore any warning signs that arise and pay particular attention to your body when you exercise outdoors and in the cold. Non–exercise stress is also something to look to avoid when you can, as this could lead to additional attacks.
  5. Keep Perspective
    Above all else, and assuming you follow the steps detailed above, you need to keep the proper perspective around your asthma. The fact is that even if you meticulously follow every possible step and procedure to prevent attacks from happening and to protect yourself overall, asthma attacks will still occur. That's simply how it is, but if you do follow a plan designed to protect yourself from attacks, it's likely that you'll be able to avoid situations that give rise to extreme danger.