Sources of Asthma Information

People who have asthma generally understand that they must remain informed in regards to the disease in order to continue to manage it successfully and minimize the effect it has on their lives. While much of their collective learning has traditionally come from direct input from their medical care providers, the fact is that more than 20 million people in the United States cannot simply walk in and see their physicians with little or no notice.


As a result, asthma patients have been looking for other resources for asthma information, and that general move has coincided greatly with the evolution of the Internet. Therefore, more asthma-related searches are being done online than ever before, as people tend to want and sometimes need relevant information quickly.

However, anyone searching for information online must be careful to consider the source, as anyone can publish information on the Internet, and clearly, not all of it is true or advisable. Below are a few places to start that can serve as sources of asthma information, all of which will keep you informed of important strategies and developments.

WebMD Asthma Health Center

WebMD is considered by most to be one of the leading sources of online medical information in general, and their brand is one that's trusted worldwide. WebMD also has a specific section of their Web site dedicated to asthma information, and patients can learn what they want to in the form of links, articles and videos.

American Lung Association

The American Lung Association is a non-profit entity that puts its efforts into funding research and creating awareness for all sorts of respiratory-related diseases. Clearly, asthma is prominent among them, and the ALA has an entire section of their site dedicated to the condition.

The American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology

The AAAI is a group of 6,500 medical professionals in one association all dedicated to helping learn and provide information regarding asthma and allergies. The group puts out a journal that reports on studies, treatment techniques and strategies being used to help fight this disease and helps keep asthma in the public eye.

The US Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA is charged with carrying out many different missions, but one of its programs provides free teaching materials and the like to be used in schools that are dedicated to helping students learn about asthma.

As you see, there are many different sources of asthma information online. The links above provide a good starting point, but you should never stop being motivated to learn more about this condition. The more people learn, the better the success will be as a whole in our fight against the disease and our march towards a cure.